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Mentoforte liquid is a blend of natural ethereal oils based on a combination of essential oils of plant origin with saponin. The main components are essential oils of eucalyptus and menthol.


For treatment and prevention of respiratory problems in all animals. It is very effective in preventing respiratory problems related to post vaccination reactions, especially after spray and oculo-nasal vaccination in poultry.

Appearance and Presentation

Liquid solution in 500 ml in PE Pharma bottle


Oral administration via drinking water: 200ml/ 1000L for 4-5 days

Spray: 50 ml /L of water 3x daily  at intervals of 6 hours for 3-4 days or until symptoms disappear.


Do not administer simultaneously with antibiotics (particularly quinolones) and live vaccines.


Store in a dry place between 2-25 ⁰C


Shelf Life

2 years, consume within 30 days after opening


Kepro B.V

Product: Mentoforte Liquid

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