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MAGICOH is a polymethylolcarbamide (PMC) in powder form, recommended for use as feed binder in the production of fish and shrimp feeds, as well as animal feeds.

MAGICOH features excellent water tolerance and is applicable in both cold and hot press systems for pelleted or extruded feeds.

Actual production tests on aquatic feed using MAGICOH as a binder have proven that MAGICOH:
• Is environment friendly
• Saves cost and functions efficiently
• Meets rigid requirements to produce quality aquatic feeds
• Is ideal for all aquatic environments
• Has long shelf life of up to 12 months


Fish Feeds: 2 to 4 kg per ton of feeds
Shrimp Feeds: 2 to 6 kg per ton of feeds
Animal Feeds: 1 to 2 kg per ton of feeds


12 months


1 kg each in PP bag, then 20 bags (20 kg) packed in PP-laminated kraft sack

MANUFACTURED BY: Huzhou International Trade Co. Ltd (China)

Product: Magicoh

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