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Tilmi 25_ Oral


Tilmicosin is a semi-synthesized macrolide antibiotic used for calves, pigs, turkeys and poultry. It has an in vitro antibacterial spectrum that is predominately gram-positive with activity against certain grm-negative micro-organism. Activity against several Mycoplasma species has also been seen.


Tilmicosin phosphate 250 mg/L in oral solution


For treatment of infection in poultry and turkeys caused by M. gallisepticum ( CRD), M. synoviae( arthritis, synovitis), M. meleagridis ( turkey) and Clostidium perfringens ( Necrotic enteritis). Also indicated in treatment of diseases like haemorrhagic septicemia and chronic caprinepleuropneumonia in sheep and goats.

Appearance and Presentation

Liquid oral solution in 1 L PE- Pharma bottle


300ml /1,000 L of drinking water for 3-5 days

Withdrawal period

Calves and pigs             14 days

Poultry and turkeys       12 days

Shelf Life 5 years

Manufacturer: Kepro B.V

Product: Tilmi 25% Oral

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